LP Conga Drums Wine-colored
  Sparkles (3 set)
Matador Bongos Maroon
LP Bongos Blonde
Bell Tree  
Dumbek Drum  
Djembe Drum  
Cajon Drum  
UDU Drum  
Tito Puente Timbales Bronze set
  Silver set
Chrome Matador Timbales  
Brass Matador Timbales  
Set of Timbalitos  
Adams Timpani Drums 26, 29 & 36  inch
Musser Tubular Bells  
Glockenspiel Chimes Orchestral Bells
German Carved 3/4  upright Bass  
Musser M-250 Concert Grand Marimba  
Musser M-55 Vibes  
Musser M-51 Xylophone  
Yamaha Grand Kasa Concert Bass Drum 36 inch
Gong Cymbal with stand
Wood Blocks, Chimes, Cowbells, Shakers,
Tambourines, Triangles, Vibraslap

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